vSphere 6.7 ESXi Host Installation and Configuration


To install an ESXi host you will need to verify that the hardware meets minimum requirements. The server platform also must be supported and listed in VMware Compatibility List (link). You most likely will be able to install ESXi on non-supported hardware, however, it should be done only for non-production environments, as VMware will not provide support for this installation.

The server running ESXi 6.7 requires at least 2 x CPU cores, 4GB of RAM, a Gigabit network adapter and if local disk is to be used for boot at least 5.2 GB of disk space must be available (or 4 GB for USB or SD boot). NX/SD bit for the CPU and hardware virtualization support in BIOS must be enabled.

Download ESXi installation file from VMware website (the filename is in VMware-VMvisor-Installler-<version>-<build>.x86_64.iso format).

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